Joint Math Meetings AMS Contributed Paper Session 1/18/2020

Palmetto Area Number Theory Series (PANTS) XXXIII 12/15/2019

UW-Madison Number Theory Seminar 11/26/2019

Tufts University Algebra, Geometry, and Number Theory Seminar 11/07/2019

UConn Math Club Expository Talk on Hilbert’s 8th Problem 10/16/2019 (Slides coming soon)

Maine-Qu├ębec Number Theory Conference 10/05/2019 (Notes)

UConn Algebra Seminar 09/25/2019 (Notes)

Union College Mathematics Conference 09/14/2019 (Notes)

Boston University-Keio University Workshop on Number Theory 06/27/2019 (Notes)

Conference on “Enumerative Arithmetic and the Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics” at Max Planck 06/06/2019

AMS Sectional Meeting Hartford 04/14/2019 (Slides)

Hawai’i Number Theory Conference 03/18/2019 (Slides)

UConn Algebra Seminar 10/17/2018 (Slides)